February 24, 2017


Steve recently bought a Kia "Soul." He has used up all the puns regarding this in his own "Updates," so I won't prompt him for any, here. The soul is sacred, and I prefer not to joke about sacred things, anyway.

Now, this car has a feature whereby you can play all your tunes directly from a flash drive. Thus, our "CD game" is "out." Steve had the passing thought (from me?)--"Don't throw that out, people of the future will wish to see the CD book that we talked about using." To him, this is ludicrous. Who would be interested in something of his? But he will keep it.

Although we can no-longer play our CD game, where I pick, by prompting, the tune I want him to play--thus often conveying a deeper message--he realized that we could play a variation of it in this car, by advancing the selection one at a time, with his eyes closed, until I prompt him to stop. In the parking lot of the grocery store (where I have given him many messages), he had the whim to try it--and I was not averse. This is the song I chose.

Need I say more? I have said, speak to your other-side beloved with the language of the heart. Let your yearning be articulate in-and-of itself, with no words to mar it. Even here, in this song, is it the words he sings? Or is it what is not, and can never be, contained in the words?

He or she will hear you. You have my word on it--and much more.

Love to each and all,