February 22, 2017


This is a transitional time for Steve, and he is under pressure and feels jumbled. That's the best word Steve could get (I didn't give him one). It would be a bad time for him to try to make this up; which means, it's a good time to channel!

We were just looking at the statistics for this website. Steve either feels my presence or not; feeling it, he then assumes I am participating in things along with him. Sometimes I am with Steve, unseen, as I used to do. Then, it was poignant to the point of being painfully so. Imagine you are observing someone whom you love, who used to love you, and who is actually grieving for you, and yet, they don't know you're there. Many lovers on this side give up because it is so painful; others have to be gently dissuaded. It doesn't mean being "earthbound"--it means being "cognizant of." Being with in that sense. So, when I used to do this it was so very poignant--his longing would call to me, and I would come in this sense, but then he didn't know I was there. But there was a secret pleasure in it, nonetheless, mingled with the pain.

Now, it is all pleasure, this observing, and I find that I wish to do it, sometimes, when he doesn't know I'm there--not exactly "for old times' sake" as Steve was about to write, but because it is healing. Do you understand why it would be so? Now, I could "nudge" him and get his attention, and even if I failed in that, he will be trying to talk to me soon, anyway. So I can revel in the experience, being close to him without his knowing it, without feeling ignored. It's like that. It heals all the times it was otherwise.

Steve sees that his article on his method of studying reincarnation is being read frequently. His blog is next, and then the article about soul-mates continuing their relationship after one passes, and then this journal. But the number of readers is gradually increasing overall. When Steve complains that nobody buys "his" book, i.e., the larger book on reincarnation that we collaborated on, well, just about the same number of people aren't buying my book! (That one, of course, is also a collaboration, but Steve wrote it as he felt I wanted it.) Do I complain? ;-)

It's not a fair contest, because I can see a bit into the future. As energy trends, not so much as definite predictions or outcomes. But I can see where the trend is going, and I can see hazy outlines of possible or even probable futures. I feel quite confident that both books will have their audience, someday. Those who will be eager for them are still young, or have not yet incarnated. The world is taken up with what it believes are more immediate and tangible concerns. The reality is, that it is the issues we are addressing, which are at the root of these more tangible problems. But the irony is, that they cannot see it. If they could see it, they wouldn't need it, and so-on. I am trying to provide Steve an analogy...I am, he feels, giving him an impression of fish under water, but he doesn't know what to make of it. How, exactly, can you tell a fish that he can't see the world on-land because he is in the water? Like that. You can go under water, but the only sound that will come out is a garbled bubbling. And can the fish understand English, if you could make it clearer? You could spend years developing a method for speaking clearly under water, say, with a diving helmet and a microphone--but after all that, could the fish understand you?

I am not speaking of you, dears, the ones who read my journal. I am speaking of the masses, now.

Steve had an encounter with two young women missionaries for the Mormons. He briefly told them of his affiliation with our Guru, and even though Myrtle Beach is the U.S. headquarters, in a sense, they had never heard of him. They wanted to know if it was Christian. Steve's mental wheels turned; he responded, "Not exclusively." They wanted to know what that meant; he said, "Meher Baba said that Jesus was an Incarnation of God, but not the only one." They wanted to know "who else," and Steve's wheels whirred faster; "Mainly, the ones we know of as the founders of the major religions, Buddha, Krishna, and so-on." That seemed to satisfy them--they remarked they had never heard of that.

Finally, realizing they were Mormons rather than Seventh-Day Adventists, Steve "bailed" by extolling the virtues of their genealogy research branch, which provided a safe topic of brief conversation, and they parted on good terms. Whew! I am just observing all this, you see. How much Steve would have liked to share with them! And how little he could reasonably hope to share with them.

But they were sincere, and respectful. You would be surprised how far sincerity and respect will take you, even if there is a seeming chasm between you and what someone like Steve, or myself, would teach you. The reason is, that the heart knows no distance. The mind knows great distances; but the heart literally knows no distance. You may be on a different vibratory level of the Universe, from your soul-mate; but if you reach out to him or her with your heart, you are with him instantly. Learn, therefore, to talk with your heart, and there will be no barrier. I am telling you, this is not mere poetry. This is fact; and it can be tried, and improved on, and you can get quite good at it. You can have communion with your beloved, every bit as intimate and tangible as it was when both were physically present. "Tangible" does not have to mean "physical."

With this, I am giving Steve to feel that I have nothing more to say, now. He has not slept well, is not feeling like his system is quite balanced properly, and he has chores to accomplish. Perhaps we will take a walk to the beach, first, to help him clear his mind.

As regards the current world situation, this is a preparatory cleansing, to increase readiness and receptivity for the spiritual bounty which is to come. God has things well under control. Suffering there must be, in the interim, in direct correlation with the ignorance which must be burned away. Have compassion--try to ameloriate that suffering where one can. But never think the day is lost. Darkness must reign for a little while, then comes the dawn.

Love to each and all,