Abby's journal



January 3, 2017


Steve's blog is racing ahead of this journal, in terms of visitors...and while you can't measure success by numbers, still, it may be that my star will rise first, then it will wane and Steve's will slowly ascend.

Steve has to take a deep breath, here, and try not to write this for me ;-).

Steve noticed a popular young poet being showcased on the news last night--one Rupi Kaur. He was quite impressed, and indeed, she has talent. My only comment, as a 19th-century poet, myself, would be that while she has the deep insight of a poet, and the ability to express it cleverly and forcefully, she will come into her own when she begins to act as a conduit for the higher planes of existence. Now, she is primarily speaking of her own psychology, relationships, emotions, and the like. I did some of that, on occasion, as well; but I was at my best when channeling the higher muse. That's all. But the irony is, that when she does this, her popularity will fade. It is precisely because she expresses life at the personal, psychological level, that such a wide audience resonates with her work. Do you see? Because the vast sea of people are still living on this level of consciousness.

So to be popular, at least, by the numbers, you have to appeal to what the vast numbers are experiencing. Steve doesn't do this--neither do I. We are 5% there, and 95% somewhere else. So we don't resonate.

Now, I want to explain something about how Steve attempts to channel me. He had reported his feeling, from me--a thought-transference communication--that something else, something big, was coming to him by way of a historical relic, for our project. Then, for Christmas, he suddenly found an old book of La Fontaine's fables, which he has concluded I used to teach him French (i.e., the original French, not the published translation). So he put two-and-two together, and had me say that they were one and the same thing. Because that was his best understanding, and he gives me voice "in-character," while trying his best to allow me to prompt him, internally. Does that make sense, so far?

But they were two different things--the relic coming his way, and the Christmas present. Now he understands--because the historical relic has finally showed up. Well, I did say there is no accounting for the time-difference, between the astral world and your world. Look back in my previous entries, you will see it. Not so long ago.

What Steve found is one of the things his book most needed--which is precisely why I "shepherded" it his way. He has a portrait--both photographic, and etched--of Mathew in his mid-40's. Then, there is a tiny, tiny portrait of him in his late 30's--found in a newspaper drawing of a large assembly. Finally, there is a representation of him as a dog (how funny) acting as the secretary for a meeting of dogs. All of these we can use in the book.

But there is also a young oil portrait of Mathew, belonging to the Whittier association, which Steve wisely has not even considered asking permission to use. The best he could do, is to tell the reader where to find it, in another book. But we really must show Mathew's young portrait. So that is what I found for him--a very similar photograph of Mathew as a young man. Probably, Steve deduces, in his early 30's, not long after the daguerreotype process was introduced to the United States, in 1840 or 1841 (I died in March of 1841). So probably, because we see a little bit of a receding hairline, though he looks quite young, we are talking mid-1840's.

That is all I can tell you, because it is still for sale, now, on Ebay, and Steve doesn't want to take the chance of giving anyone any clues, until he can clinch the deal. He can't absolutely prove this photograph is of Mathew--but I am saying, it is, and this is why I made sure it came to him. I promise to show it here in this journal, once it is safely in Steve's possession.

It costs "money" to pull off these "tricks." When I say "money," I mean, allotted expenditures of energy--permissions. We have the permission to use "x-amount" of energy in inter-world manifestations, both for our marriage, and also for this project. It--the intercourse between this world and your world--is very closely regulated. Can you imagine regulations in heaven? Red tape? But it is so, where the relationship between the two worlds is concerned. Because, we can't have it running amuck, you see--not yet. The physical world isn't ready. So it is regulated, and we have our permissions, and they must be "spent" wisely.

Steve, in his heart, wants an object that I held, and which can be proven as such (truth be told, he already has one, but can't prove it). But this would fall into the realm of our marriage permissions, not our project permissions--and our project permissions are far more robust. So I could get him the book of fables using our marriage permissions; but I could get him the portrait, on the strength of our project permissions. And what makes something "expensive"? Precisely what you might call the "wow factor." How unlikely it is--how much it would amaze. The reason is, that we can't have too many "proofs" being displayed on earth all at the same time. Only a certain number are permitted, and only for certain people.

Steve pointed out, not long ago, that young medium Tyler Henry provided such a proof on his televison show, "accidentally," as it were, when one of his clients tested him. She handed him a photograph upside down, and asked him to give his impressions. He suddenly blurted out, "Babies, babies, babies!" Then he turned it over, and it was her sonogram, of an unannounced pregnancy! But then, Steve can't find Tyler on TV any more after that. He hasn't tried to figure out what happened to him--the season was over, the new season hasn't appeared yet, he lost his contract, or what?

But here we have a medium giving one of these very strong proofs, to an audience of mostly frivolous people (forgive us). This is the Entertainment Channel, what Steve calls the "Beautiful young women doing nothing in particular" channel. I believe I can't do better than his title, so we will move on... ;-)

You see, the reincarnational apple has not fallen very far from the tree--at least not where Mathew and Steve are concerned. That is precisely as Mathew would have assessed it, Quaker background and all.

And Steve is realizing just how much of the Quaker has always been in him. Before that he was a happy-go-lucky sailor--and that is in him, as well. We all have so many different sides to us, corresponding to so many different experiences and personalities, on earth.

So, who am I? Am I Abby of the 19th century? Primarily I am, for the purposes of this journal. You may sense other influences. Steve has gathered that I was once Japanese--and he can sometimes sense my Japanese beauty, beneath my Scotch/French beauty, as Abby. (I don't mean to be vain.) And there were others, as well. I was Polynesian, Steve knows, but he doesn't remember many more than that. Each was precious to him. He will be able to see me as all of them, when he has been here awhile (it will take him awhile to adjust).

Steve looked out on the water, today, when we walked on the beach--but no dolphins. When he saw them for his birthday, that was my birthday present (also on Christmas Day). Last night, I gave Steve another "electric kiss" on the forehead, just as he was about to fall asleep. And so, our relationship has its "ways and means," despite being separated by the gulf of the Great Divide. The Great Divide will not always be such a barrier between our worlds. Now, it must be so, as mankind isn't ready. Get used to the internet, first--because you will someday dispense with the technology, and do all this--better, by far--with only the power of your minds. If "instant messenging" seems powerful, for example, try direct thought-transmission! And so-on, with all the characteristics of the virtual world. Except now it will not be virtual--it will be non-physical, and yet actual. It will be actual reality, only, it will be non-physical reality. That is what it is leading to.

Far fewer people are reading my journal, now, than are reading Steve's frequent blog entries. But he is providing proof of the most outrageous claims. Could he and I, together, have actually written the original of "A Christmas Carol"? And could he have actually written "The Raven," and not Edgar Allan Poe? I'll give you this logical proof. Neither of those authors were spiritually capable of these works. Dickens was a sensationalist who had no respect for matters spiritual; Poe was a horror writer, who had no genuine spirituality, either. Look closely into their respective characters, and you will see it "plain as day." When a man claims to have done something he is plainly incapable of having done, there must be another explanation.

If I determine that I have said everything in this journal that needs saying, I may write in it less-and-less. Steve will know. I hope that what I've written these past few years has been of service to some of you who have come upon it. Perhaps I will channel with Steve for a lark once in awhile--perhaps more often--perhaps there will be something else that needs saying. We will see what comes to me to do. I am both practical (Japanese), and whimsical (Gypsy). What I will do, no one can tell! Except that my heart is ever, and ever will be, Steve's...and that where I can cheer a despondent heart, or strengthen and encourage one who is grieving, I will certainly do so.

Love to each and all,