Abby's journal



December 7, 2018


Poor Steve has to try to channel while he is making lunch, because I have started giving it to him...

Last night, he was telling me (out loud, as he usually does), that it had been a very long time since I had given him a proof of myself; and that after such a long time, he begins to feel as though he is imagining it, despite himself. He forgets that I always listen, and when he makes a sincere request, I always try to comply with it. Honestly, I forget sometimes how hard it is for him, because he is always before me. There is no question of faith from my end!

So today, he had the whim to play some songs from an old family Christmas album, by the Roger Wagner Chorale. (Whether I prompted him in this, he doesn't know ;-). He decided to play the first few songs on the album; but when he came to "Now is born the Divine Christ Child," he definitely felt that I especially like this one, and that I was listening along with him and appreciating it deeply. He has felt this sort of thing with me, before. We like to listen to music together, and he can tell when I'm joining him in this way.

Afterwards, he noticed that it had an alternate title in a foreign language, "Il est ne le Divin Enfant." But all he saw was the first three words, "Il est ne," and he wasn't sure what language it was in. Of course, it's in French--and you may know that my father was French, and that we spoke French in the home when I was growing up. My mother, who was of Scottish descent, acquiesced to my father--a marquis--that he should have a family raised in the French culture, and that his home should be French. (My mother taught us Scottish lore privately, meaning, us girls.)

What this means to Steve, you can only imagine. He felt me especially liking this carol, being sung in English, without knowing why--and here, it is one I would have heard growing up. It means all of this is quite real! Of course, I know it is real. As said, Steve is always before me, and I forget the travail he must go through to have continued faith in what he cannot perceive (normally) with any of his five senses. I don't always remember how hard it is for him. So how could I refuse? I just had to think of a way, and this is what first occurred to me.

Steve says it is his Christmas present; but I may have another one for him... :-).

Love to each and all,


Note: This is said to be a traditional French carol which was first published in 1862, a little over 20 years after Abby's death. Therefore, it would not have been generally known, but would have been passed down within French families and in the French community, before then.--S