Abby's journal



December 5, 2017


Steve and I have recently completed a compilation of our poetry, meaning, Mathew's poetry and my poetry as Abby. Steve is going to submit it to some publishers; but he had the whim to offer it as a Christmas present from me to you, and I concurred. But we are going to be a bit playful about it, because I would rather it be a personal present to my regular readers, than to any "gawkers" who might briefly pass by. So we are going to make this LINK active for all of Christmas day, and then deactivate it again. If you'd like a free copy of our book, visit this entry, for December 5, on Christmas Day, and you can download it.

If Steve signs a contract prohibiting him from giving it away for free; or if things get so hectic here that he forgets; then please forgive us. But barring such things, Steve should remember it.

Merry Christmas,