December 16, 2015


Steve is on the verge of discontinuing his blog; and it is time that we will discontinue this journal, as well. The problems here are two-fold. First, there is a mentally-unbalanced person who has been stalking Steve online. He sees synchronocities where there are none; and imagines Steve or I are addressing him personally, when we are not. Now, several of you may have felt that I was taking particular cognizance of you in this journal, and, so far as Steve knows (as he writes this), I may have been. But there is an intuitively accurate way of perceiving these things; and then, there is a muddled way of perceiving them. The "muddling" comes in when one has unconscious agendas driving one's perception down paths that it normally wouldn't take. Such is the case with this particular person.

That means that everything a person afflicted with this malady perceives is not wrong. It means that it is distorted. The unconscious issues are like a dark star, whose gravity distorts the field around it, but itself remains undetected.

Paranoia is one of the few mental disabilities which renders the person dangerous. Thus, for this reason, alone, we need to discontinue both journals.

There is also the question in Steve's mind of the worsening social and political climate. It is, perhaps, best not to have such an obvious track-record, online, until all this settles down.

Now, Steve has tentatively offered to run a private blog. The only problem with that is that people would have to provide full proof of identification (to prevent this person from assuming an alias). This, I don't want to require, for my journal. You who derive nourishment from this journal, must be free to do so anonymously. One or two of you have stepped forward, contacting Steve (and through him, myself), to thank us or to encourage us. This has been deeply appreciated. But many of you, naturally, have remained anonymous, and this is as it should be.

Unfortunately, it is as though a robber has broken into the garden where we are having tea. We really are not free to discuss things openly. Some part of me feels compassion for this person--as anyone might for a real robber--but yet, he cannot be permitted to remain, either. If he cannot be forced out, the tea must be cancelled.

It is, perhaps, time to move on, anyway. I have maintained this journal, through Steve, for (he will have to check) some four years, now. That either proves that Steve is one heck of a writer, with talents equal to those that he displayed in his published works as Mathew Franklin Whittier; or, it proves that this has been exactly what we have set it forth as being--channeled writing. (Or both.)

I am sorry to have to do this, and especially, to do it on such short notice. But this is the way of the world. Here, in my realm, we do not have such things. People who do not belong in a group, simply cannot get here. If they imagine they are at the same level of vibration, still, they aren't, and they can't match it, and that automatically keeps them out. But on earth, it is not so. On the earth, people of all vibrations are mixed, mingling together. So since this is a mixed effort which has one foot, as it were, in my realm, and one in Steve's, we run into the problems normally reserved for the earth.

For those of you who may have taken this as fanciful, you may wish to read Steve's book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," which is full of examples of Mathew writing in-character (including, as women). But it also presents the historical evidence (some of it, embedded in these very sketches), of who I was in the 19th century. If you have read my journal, today, you will recognize me in that evidence as the same person.

No good-byes are adequate. No-doubt it will not be forever. We will, perhaps, have a real tea here, someday, where we will not be barged in on by anyone who imagines he fits, but temperamentally, does not. Nor by anyone with a penchant for hounding and abusing my husband!

Love to each and all,