November 27, 2016


Steve wrote an "Update" a couple of days ago, and already he wants to write another one, but it's my turn! My journal is behind his in the stats and besides, I've been prompting him that I want to write an entry for a few days, anyway.

But I will satisfy him to this extent--I will summarize his entry in a few words before we get started. Is that fair? As follows: Lots of people have been reading Steve's article about the method he used to investigate his own case. It's not rocket science--we "already have the technology," as they say, what's needed is the vision and the will. By that I mean the methods are already in existence, Society simply has to take it seriously enough to want to apply them. If you take the ingenuity that goes into a computer, or a car, or any other popular technical gadget, and apply it to proving reincarnation, you can easily do it. Steve has pioneered the method; and in the book, he sets out how one might do it with a better organization and better funding.

But (to continue), Steve is a bit annoyed that people are interested in his method, but not in his own study--pilot study though it be. Because it is (all modesty aside, since I am co-author and prominently featured in it) fascinating--and it has many unique characteristics, because of the historical figures involved.

There--I guess that was shorter than Steve's "Update" entry would have been... Did you know that Mathew (Steve's previous self) actually attempted to channel me like this, in two letters to the editor? Steve found those letters relatively late in the study. After he discovered that I had been contacting him, and he was writing about those contacts, chiefly in poems. Steve had been channeling this journal for years before we found his past-life attempts to do the same thing--so one can compare them. It is true that Mathew frequently wrote in character, and some of those characters were female. So he had practice adopting a persona and writing as a woman. This talent wasn't the whole explanation of it--he simply drew upon that talent to try to recreate my personality, and then catch my thoughts "on the wind" so to speak. I keep saying, this kind of channeling isn't verbatim--Steve is not in a trance--he is writing "in-character," but with inspiration from me. He is taking the felt presence, or whispers, from me, and trying to step aside, as much as possible, to allow them to take form. Like that.

So it is neither 100% true, nor 100% bunkum. It is the best we can do.

Everything we do, you can do, if you are grieving the loss of your soul-mate. The exact same principle applies, as in Steve's method of proving reincarnation. If you have the will, the "technology" is there at your disposal. A grieving soul-mate can apply him- or herself diligently to learn to communicate; and if desired, to continue their relationship in another configuration. This, too, is not rocket science. Death is a profound nuisance--but it is not the end of the relationship.

Keep in mind, also, that it is a temporary nuisance, as all nuisances are. No nuisance that anyone has ever experienced in the history of the earth, has ever been permanent. There is no "permanent condition." Only, perhaps, as regards the body--but that is karmically-determined. (Steve snatched that phrase from his own grab-bag.) It is your own karma that holds you. The body is clay which is impressed this way, or that way, by your mind--that's all. But it is your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind--and the impressions go back to past lives. And, they are far more powerful than you might think--but they are as powerful as the ignorance embedded in them. "Embedded" is not quite the word I wanted Steve to use--he feels vaguely my dissatisfaction with it. "Embroiled?" "Mixed in with?" Sometimes I can get a word or phrase to him, and sometimes I can't...

Inherent. You are as trapped in your karma--reflecting in the condition of your body--as you are holding onto the ignorance inherent in the past-life impressions that bind you.

If you want the key to human life--the instruction manual that everybody knows is missing but nobody can find--read our Guru, Meher Baba's, "Discourses." There, he explains all this far more clearly. You may not get instant results, but you will get very quick results by universal standards. In other words, left to plod along as you are currently doing (let us say), you might take 100 lifetimes to work through a (word, again) important lesson of life. If you take the guidance offered in these discourses, you might have it wrapped up in two or three lifetimes.

We have to point out these things. We have nothing to do with whether anyone actually follows up on them. What would you say to someone who knew that a treasure was buried under your house, and didn't tell you? It is not their fault if you laugh at them or shrug it off. They did their part.

Now, all of you are caught up in the frightening world changes. The world groans and cries out in agony, as the higher consciousness impinges on the lower, and the birth takes place. She is, right now, about five centimeters dilated. Need I say more?

I am amused because Steve feels, subjectively, as though he pulled that figure, 5 centimeters, "out of the air." So he had to get online and check it. He found one lady asking how long it took everybody else after 5 centimeters...some of them several hours, but quite a few, about 20 minutes! And that is exactly how it is, with the world's birth. It could be 20 minutes, or 12 hours...but most of those ladies were saying, about 20 minutes or half an hour. So the time grows near...

My love to each and all,