Abby's journal



November 12, 2017


It is evening for Steve, and he feels that I want to channel, but he has no idea of a topic. You know that he just has to "get rolling" and hope that I join in and begin feeding him thoughts.

There is something on my mind--but how to "roll around" to it? You see our connection is very faint and tenuous--like the brush of butterfly wings. It is only because we are so closely attuned, as soul-mates from countless past lives together, that we can make sense of such faint whisperings, meaning, that we can use them for communication. Compared to what Steve gets, the intimations that the expert mediums get are many times more powerful and distinct.

Steve wants to give an illustration, and it is getting in the way, because he keeps "suggesting" it. If he will let go of it now (as I don't want to use it), we can proceed--thank you ;-).

Steve is pausing, and he is tired, and he still doesn't seem to be getting anything directly from it a test? he wonders. It has to do with the past, long has to do with waves of knowledge and ignorance, enlightenment and shadow.

Steve has lately been very keen on me as I was when we were courting, because he is subconsciously experiencing his own young emotions from that period. That is because he has been heavily immersed in that period of his life, as he typed up the pieces he wrote for the newspaper, then. Every girl on TV that reminds him of me, he perks up for (and then feels guilty about). But I tell him, his subconscious mind remembers me directly, even if he doesn't. But his subconscious mind has very poor vision, so-to-speak. So it sees a girl that looks like me, and it says, "See, there she is! There she is!" But it isn't me, only, Steve's past-life emotions about me get churned up.

What I wanted to say, was, that it will come around again, meaning, that exact circumstance. Maybe not exact, in that we will be in the 19th century again--but we will be together in roughly the same circumstances, looking very much alike. But I want to convey this directly, not through Steve's thoughts. I am telling you, it will come around again because it will have to. Do you understand? Everything is like this. Nothing happens once and disappears forever. Quite to the contrary, these moments, these so-much cherished situations, come around again, and again, and again. So long as you are not satisifed with them; so long as you feel there was more to say, or more to do, or more loving to do; then it will inevitably come around. Speaking now to those who are grieving, when you made love, didn't you know that when you were finished, you would do so, again? Didn't you know that the time would come around again? Well, dears, the whole thing is precisely the same way. One lifetime of loving is like one love-making session. Maybe you would like to do it again, to express your love more fully--you most certainly will get the chance.

What is radical, is that you can still be in your relationship after one of you passes over. Who says that you can't? Who is that person who forbids it, or says it is impossible? You bring them to me, and I will give them a good tongue lashing!!!

When you made love, didn't the rest of your relationship continue until the next time? Surely, you didn't just see each other to make love, and then never have any other experiences together until the next time? Of course not. You ate together, you laughed together, you talked on the phone...and then when the time for making love came back around, you made love. And you relished the anticipation of it, didn't you?

So this relationship, across the Great Divide, can be exactly the same way, except now, you are relishing the anticipation of yet another physical life together, someday. It will come around, I tell you. But for now, you can learn to communicate; you can share so many things, as Steve and I have described in our little book about our relationship. Do you love music--did you love listening to certain music, together? You can still do this. You will feel your loved one, in spirit, experiencing it with you. Steve says that when I have listened to music with him, at times, it is far better than what he remembers about using drugs. "A much better high," he says. And he wants to emphasize it, much better. Clean, pure, nothing confused or debased about it. My presence, and bliss, and the music.

You see we are in the real high all the time, here. And we can share it with you, sympathetically. It is a secret--but it is a secret we will divulge to you who are trying to love your soul-mate across the Divide--if you don't already know it! Those who have been doing this for some years, already know this secret.

You know that once things arrive, they are too soon over. So it is good to relish and anticipate. You can look forward to that time when you will begin another incarnation together, as a couple on earth; but there is so much to enjoy, now.

Steve is gently reminding me that this is easier for a couple for whom it has been 180 years or so since he lost me physically. In a sense grief is fresh, still, like yesterday--but in a sense it is not so fresh. So for Steve, it is easier to look on the bright side, and see it all as adventure. But you who have lost a spouse or soul-mate partner in this lifetime, can get to this point, too. You can get to a point where it is all adventure, now, and anticipation, later. Do you see? Just like enjoying the day together, while anticipating making love that evening. Only now, you are enjoying the relationship you can have across the Divide, and anticipating the next incarnation together.

Grief says this is impossible--faith says it is possible--and joy says "Grief, step aside, I don't need you anymore!"

Love to each and all,