Abby's journal



October 9, 2018


Steve knows that I am taking longer between entries; and he feels I should put in an appearance; but he is fixated on certain themes, and doesn't know whether he would be channeling, or just writing. We will address his concerns first, and then see what happen.

First the easy one, which we have dealt with, before, but it might be new for somebody. I "nudged" Steve to watch a brief NDE account online. The fellow saw a coalescing ball of intelligent, loving light, which was really the entire universe, and as he came closer, his identity was about to be lost, so he would pull back, and this continued for some time. It was a transcendent experience, and Steve's question is, "How do we reconcile this kind of experience, with what the mediums say when they contact Aunt Agatha, and she is still quite like herself, only maybe at her best, now?"

The thought Steve got back from me, was, "If you have a transcendent experience like that, afterwards you come down. Some people come back down to earth, and some people come down to some realm in the astral world." Then I gave him the further thought that the people who have an initial transcendent experience have worked and studied for it in previous lifetimes. But it is unlikely they will be able to stay there, because that requires a great deal more work and preparation.

So that is no great mystery. In other words, when it comes to this kind of experience, the people who afterwards land in the astral world, are more-or-less like the people who come back to the physical world. It is not merely by dint of leaving the physical body that you get that experience. You have earned it in past lives.

Steve is asking whether we feel God's presence where I am, and I'm not answering. It's very individual; if, for example, you saw God's Hand in nature while you were on earth (as I did), you will see it ever more clearly, here.

Now, as to the second question. Steve is, in a spirit of "trying everything and leaving no stone unturned," trying to scare up some radio interviews. He has one lined up with a lady whom we know and love, here. She is "one of us," you might say. But so far he hasn't been contacted by any of the others he wrote to. So his question is, "Am I too negative? Or too forthcoming about things people can't believe?" In short, "Why am I so often rejected?"

There are a lot of answers to this question. I have to try to answer with the one, or ones, that Steve needs at this time. The first answer is that no matter what he does, or how he comes across, or what he says, these people will find one excuse or another to reject him. That is because of something that is unconscious to them, which "goes out in front of them" like a scout, so-to-speak. It is the instinct which says to an animal mother, "That is my offspring" or "that is not my offspring." It is the sense which tells people of low development, "He is one of us," or "he is not one of us." It is the primitive faculty, I am telling Steve, which tells the drunken brute at the bar, either "I like your style" or "I don't like your face."

So Steve's energy is jarring to these people. He is not on their frequency. Here, in the astral realm, they would never be likely to meet, because we group by vibration. It is only on earth that people of different vibratory frequencies intermingle. In some ways that promotes growth--in other ways it is a nuisance (or worse).

Steve should not be concerned with who likes him. They will gravitate toward their own; and they will instinctively eschew him. Our first lady is different. She may not be on Steve's frequency, but she is evolved to the point that she is more universal, and can sense heart regardless of the frequency. You understand.

Now, what shall we talk about...Steve wanted me to talk about discernment and love needing to be balanced. There, we have talked about it ;-)

We work in much more subtle ways. For example, and just as an example, Steve found an old newspaper suddenly appear online, which he, as Mathew, had submitted to just around that same date. He bought it for $4.00 plus shipping, just to see whether he had another piece in it. He didn't. But there was an article which an expert might be interested in--someone he admires, whom he interviewed on his radio show a few years ago. He just recopied that article into her online form, as a gift. But that makes a connection. Is there a reason why I wanted that connection to be made? Perhaps. But you see how I work (and others, here, who are guides). I arrange for the newspaper to show up for sale online, knowing Steve will buy it. I know that article is in there, and I know he will copy it for that expert, and thus, I know a connection will be made that wasn't even in Steve's mind to make. Do you see how it works? It is like making trick billiard shots. This ball hits that ball, which hits the other ball... The "pocket" may be something you hadn't even thought of, before. It sets a chain in motion. But we can see the entire chain, and we "aim" by bringing something unexpected into your orbit.

Being a guide can be quite fun :-) Especially when you have full cooperation of your person on the earth, as I do, with Steve--full conscious cooperation. Then it can really get amazing.

But keep in mind we only do that for our work together--not for Steve's selfish benefit. I am not his "genie."

Steve says I am cuter than the "I Dream of Genie" genie.

I don't call him "master," that's another difference--but Steve says, he says "Yes, dear."

This is a bit disjointed, because Steve is just trying to write whatever comes to him. And he is tired, and worried. He is keenly aware that whatever we write, it is public, and potential employers or radio show hosts considering him for their show, can read it. But karma, and our guidance, trump these people's actions. Steve's karma determines the possible set of things that can happen to him in this lifetime; then, we can juggle those things for him, with his permission. Then, I can do so when I have the permission of my higher-ups. I can control, to some large degree, which portions of the things allotted to him show up when, and in what order. Where there are options, I can advise him of the options (if he is listening).

Much is timing. He is in a waiting zone, now. He has to wait until things shift around and come together. It is nervewracking to be in a holding-pattern, and not know what's going on. But that is Steve's current situation. I have advised him to de-stress, to build his health and energy, and to get things done that he needs to get done, at a fun, measured pace--what he calls "putter speed." This way he will be optimally ready when things start to move. And move, they will.

Steve says he feels that one of my readers, or more than one, might benefit from some encouragement on a particular matter. But he can't get specifically what that might be; and I would find it awkward to address it, at any rate. I would only reassure, Steve feels, not to think you are bad, or unusual, or that there is something wrong with you. It is the human condition which we all face on earth. One forgets who one really is, and one feels lonely and out of place. I can't go any further with it.

Delve into the thought that there is nothing really wrong with you; that is the healing direction. Worrying that there is something wrong, in this case, makes something wrong, and it snowballs.

Think, "this is normal," and forget it.

All my love,