October 3, 2017


You know that I am less averse, than Steve, to commenting on current events on earth. And I am not afraid of any topic. This will be very short, having to do with the recent mass-murder in Las Vegas. I will not attempt to delve into the mechanics of Fate, as to why those particular people were there at that particular time, and why some died and some escaped injury, and some were merely frightened, and so-on. But I will make this one comment--until modern Materialistic society comes to grips with the phenomenon of wandering earthbound spirits, it will not be able to solve this issue of mass-murders. Certain spirits who "itch" to do this, find a suitable host with suitable receptivity, and work on him or her. I am giving Steve the nod to say, that almost all of these cases involve a component of earthbound, attached spirits. We--Mathew and I--understood this very clearly in our day.

Here is the problem--Materialism is a one-sided belief system, which (as a philosophy professor Steve interviewed said once) "leaves certain things out." But it is going to take a thorough defeat of Materialism to entertain the possibility that attaching spirits are involved in this problem. They--the Materialistic scientists and policy-makers--are so entrenched, so stubbornly resisting the spiritual viewpoint, that they are willing to permit this horror to go on, while scoffing at a major component of it. They would rather scoff, and have their lopsided world view safe and sound, than to solve this problem. You see how selfish that is.

That is all I have to say. We, here, in the upper astral world, do our part to prevent these souls from wreaking havoc on earth. If it weren't for our efforts, many more would die of atrocities. But we can't do it all, when we meet with such opposition from the very people who should be shouldering most of the task of prevention.

That is all for the present, on this.

In sorrow for mankind's ignorance,