Abby's journal



October 21, 2018


Steve was just watching (online) a genuine medium working in the service of a British Spiritualist church, and it is very inspiring for him, because it deepens his faith as to what we are doing together. He sees that everything the medium describes, about how we (here in the spirit world) feel about our loved ones still on earth, and how we try to assist them, and guide them, is the same as what he has understood about our relationship. Steve told me, "It makes me realize that you care about me, in the same personal way that I care about you; and that our relationship means as much to you, as it does to me."

This is precisely right--and it is what I have been trying to convey to you all, the most important thing I want you to take away from my journal entries. They say "Love doesn't die"--but none of it dies. It becomes purer, but what the relationship meant to both you, none of that dies. Your loved one on my side, here, loves you as before. Not in an impersonal way--in the same personal way. Only better, purer, cleaner, with a broader perspective, with less blinders on. But personal, not impersonal.

Steve has discovered that he has been pushing himself so hard, for so long, on his past-life case project, that it has become an automatic habit (I don't like the word "automatic," but there is none better), to "tense up." Meaning, in his mind, and also in his body--to such an extent, that it has dangerously increased his blood pressure. He also feels it, in his body; and he also suspects, that when it gives him heartburn, he then takes too many antacid tablets, and they are full of calcium, and that has its own effect, perhaps, on blood pressure increase. It is all a vicious circle, and it has become such a habit, that the entire "syndrome" is triggered just by proofreading his book, or writing about his research in his blog. And that it can't continue. Not long ago he checked his blood pressure, and was shocked to see it was 150 (the top figure). That's up from 120; and it is dangerously high. So for a week, he implemented every change he could think of, and just today he checked again, and it is down to 139. So he can reduce it, but this means not working on our project anymore for the foreseeable future, along with diet, walks, and other things.

For this reason we may not be channeling entries very often for awhile. He just has to stop everything for awhile, and get that blood pressure down, and get his health and energy back. Because he has been under far too much stress, with poor sleep, for far too long. I have been watching him carefully. I have a strange habit (Steve says) of not warning him when things look close. I only warn him when things are really dangerous. And I am warning him, now. We had to finish that project--but we finished it just in the nick of time. Now, he has to stop.

I watch his health very carefully. But you will see that, if you watch the genuine mediums give messages. One's loved ones are watching very carefully. It is heedlessness which gets people into trouble. The messages are there.

So now Steve will stop channeling, and we will be back to you when Steve gets his blood pressure back down to 120, which is right at the danger point, doctors say. It must not be up around 150, or even 139.

Steve can feel the sensations of tension, and something odd in his chest, even now, just from channeling this entry. He "catches" his breath, too, as a bad habit, when he's concentrating, and that contributes to it. So we will cease, now, and be back with you when we can.

Love to each and all,