October 20, 2016


Steve wonders whether I have scared everyone away. But you never have to agree with me, dears. Those who read my journal know that.

Steve feels that I do want to channel, this morning; he also feels it is in a serious tone, and he, himself, is quite worried about the coming U.S. election. But the difficulty, here, is for him to step aside and try to catch some of my own thoughts, instead of catching all of his own. He will try his best, and "here we go"!

I am giving Steve to understand that this world situation is very simple to understand, if one understands it in cosmic principles. The inner press of dimly perceived Truth is upon us all; but we react differently, according as there are so many individual minds, each with his or her own past (and past-life) experience, which they are bringing to the table. Then the second principle is resistance, the push-back. If you understand these two things, you understand the whole thing.

But you must understand what Truth is. Truth is...but how shall we say what Truth is? Our Guru, Meher Baba, expressed Truth by keeping silent. So did Jesus, when questioned by Pilate, as you may recall. So did Buddha. Truth is called "ineffable." And yet, it is very, very real. Truth is like a magnet. Some respond to it joyfully, and some resist. But Truth is obviously not something other than yourself. Logically, if one follows it to the ultimate reasoning, it must be your own true Self. Therefore, those who resist Truth, the ineffable Truth (not the facsimiles of Truth, kept in the cages of words and ideas, but the one that is free), become split into two beings--their real Self, and someone else, outside. Most of us are in this condition to some extent or another. Some of us fall on the extreme end of the continuum, and these we call "hypocrites."

Truth is very, very slippery. Therefore, a person who pursues Truth, even for several lifetimes, can "lose the scent." If he becomes attached to this or that--a doctrine, an idea, a belief system--and if he doesn't catch his error--he can become the worst hypocrite of all. But one must have some compassion for him--he tried mightily, rose to a certain point, and failed. This, obviously, is an old story, and a common pattern. Anyone you see who achieves greatness, and then falls, has fallen into this pattern. I am hardly the first to sketch this out.

Just when you think you have it, it eludes you--and that is because it is beckoning you to something far beyond yourself, which is to say, beyond what you think you are, today.

These simple principles can be "fanned out" to cover a vast territory of examples, situations, and lesser principles. But everything you see in the world, today, is arising from these principles. Or, so I say. (Remember, don't believe me just because I say it.) Steve thinks he is in good contact with me--he wanted to make a new paragraph, and he felt from me, "no." So, you can take these basic principles and apply them to any question of current affairs--but remember, the principles are to be seen, "grokked" if you will, not memorized by rote. If you do that, you have missed the boat. (Now I will let Steve start a new paragraph.)

We are always missing the boat. Truth is like the pea under the cups--you thought you had it here, but it pops out over there.

Truth is the touchstone. You know it as the "spirit of truth." Can you feel the spirit of truth in someone's presentation? Can you feel the lack of it? If you feel the lack of it, RUN. That is my advice. Because after you glimpse it, you may be fooled again in the next instant. "Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain." You may be lulled back to sleep.

So diligence is required--but diligence is not cynicism. Cynicism is the poor man's diligence. Cynicism throws the baby of Truth out with the bathwater of lies. It looks superficially like wisdom. It is an imposter.

Cynicism is (we will use Steve's term) "reductionist." Cynicism says "it is merely..." The seeker of Truth wants to sniff out the truth from all the clues. He or she separates out every bit of information, setting aside everything that is not truth. "No, it's not this one...nor this one...nor this one...okay, now, do you see the one that is left over? That is the one."

Truth is like the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, or the most magnificent man. One falls in love with it. Once in love with the Truth, you are on your way. You can be derailed for a time, fooled for a time, but you will get back up. You can be persecuted, tried and found guilty of heresy, but you will be helped. Steve was wondering about the poor persons who have been burned at the stake. I explained the following to him. Shall I try to help him express it?

Everything that befalls you, befalls you by leave of the law of karma, no matter the outward appearance--and the manner of death, and the subjective experience of dying, is no different. Death is subject to the law of karma like everything else. Now, think on this--we, here in the astral realm, if authorized can easily pull you out of your body on a moment's notice. And you do have guardian spirits. That means, at the last minute, if we are authorized to do so, we can pull you out before you experience suffering. This is just one example. When are we so-authorized? When the higher powers deem that it is in accord with the law of karma; and the law of compassion. I say "law"--but compassion is compassion. It is Grace; and Grace is necessarily above Law. So all you need to take away from this is, that no matter what power those on earth seem to have over you, we have the final say, according to the requirements of your own karma, and the law of Grace as it is given to us to implement. We are the workers and the servants of that Grace, you see; that is, when we act in the office of guardian, for you.

I am Steve's guardian. You cannot even take him seriously unless I allow it. Not me, but those I work for. You cannot imagine how fiercely I will protect him. His karma is another matter; but he has dedicated himself to God. Here is the trick--so long as he sincerely does that, he is protected. It is said, do not step out of the shade of the Palm Tree of Truth. Now, Steve asks, "Where did I hear that? Was it Rumi?" But it doesn't matter...I am paraphrasing it. If you do not step outside of the shade of the Palm Tree of Truth, you are safe.

Steve's analogy is this, and we will use it, because I like to give things from two different angles--like stereoscopic vision. So, you are in a wind tunnel. The wind is so strong, it would take you up and carry you along (just say), unless you stand sideways to it. But, if any little thing juts out, it will be ripped off and carried away. So you must be absolutely "thin" to that wind. This is also known, in Jesus's teachings, as the "straight and narrow way." But Jesus taught in principles; and principles are alive. Try to turn them into conceptual fossils, and you miss it. Keep them alive--better yet, let them out of their cages, and let them come to you.

We have two bird feeders on the porch outside Steve's upstairs office; one for the regular birds, and one for the hummingbirds. (Actually, "hummingbird" singular, because one takes it and will not let the others approach.) They come, now, even while we are sitting outside. The chickadee announces himself each time, throws out the millet, and grabs the seed he wants, flying off with his prize. The Carolina wren likewise appears, glares at Steve, and makes off with her prize in triumph! The doves walk about below; one of them even did so while we were out on the porch. One of them, in particular, seems intriqued by Steve, wanting, in her heart, to trust him, though the wild instinct to flee always wins out in the end.

Imagine that these principles are these shy, living birds. Let them live. Let them come to trust you; let them delight you! In that living relationship with living principles, you will find the "scent" of Truth. It is a living relationship. Do not try to cage them, or worse yet, stuff them! And say to yourself, "Oh, I have the Truth, now." That leads to all kinds of trouble.

Steve is exhausted with trying to channel at this high level. Did he catch some of my actual thoughts? The cynic, of course, will scoff at that suggestion. One thing you can know--Steve is sincerely trying his best to let me speak through him.

Love to each and all,