October 14, 2013


We are having a "peak experience"--a Geyser Peak experience, to be precise! It's back on sale, and though we occasionally take forays into other wines, it's really our favorite in that price range.

There are a great many things that cross-dimensional couples can share, including reading together (here we prefer aloud, because we hear and sense the vibration), and music. The difficulty for the earth-bound half of the couple, is always believing it without any sensory confirmation. Steve, being clairsentient, at least where I, his soul-mate, am concerned, sometimes has what you might call "visceral" confirmation of my presence, but it is spotty depending on various factors. With that, he gets feedback, validation. He feels I am "pushing back" as it were--and at such times, faith is not so much of a challenge.

But when we are forced by circumstance to go for longer periods without that visceral, sensed confirmation--which is me, interacting with his energy aura--then he has to rely on faith. Faith, if it is to be logical, says, "If it was proven to me two months ago, or five months ago, or three years ago, then it remains valid, for today, also." Faith which wanes without constant re-confirmations is hypocritical. If it was true then, it is true, now, and it will be true, later on, as well.

We do sometimes have peak experiences, real ones, together. In music, or in strong proofs I have given Steve; in insights I have given him which he is quite sure he wouldn't have figured out for himself. In felt presence; in collaboration on our books.

And this last is what I want to talk about. Steve is officially re-launching our book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words," today. I have, indeed, been pointing him towards various "finds" this past year and a half or so, since we first launched the book on my birthday, June 2nd. I "networked" my way to these historical finds, over here. I can't explain it, except that whereas you visit a person's website, I can visit the person, him or herself, in much the same way. This one leads me to that one, and so-on; and then, I use a similar "chain" method to link Steve to this one, and to that one, until he finds it. I did that well over a hundred times. Occasionally Steve never found it. He was having a terrible time finding my ancestral family home. I told him, "You will find it soon," and it kept being delayed--why? Because it was right under his nose!!!* All the elements were before him, but he couldn't quite put it together until a helpful librarian found him the exact reference. Then he saw how obvious it was. On Google "Street View," he had been looking at the right lot, instinctively. Only, the house had been split up and moved! They did move houses back then (this was in the mid-1800's), using a long team of oxen. Quite a sight! Everybody would come out to look.

So Steve felt awful, that he was offering a book for sale which he kept revising. Had it been selling, he would have taken it off the market until he was sure. The problem was, with each change, he thought that was probably it. Then I would prompt him for another find, and he thought that was it--and this went on for a year and a half! Since it wasn't selling, anyway, no problem. Steve called Amazon.com his "storage facility." Many authors are actually having trouble selling e-books now. There are too many of them. When everybody is an author, nobody is an author, you see. How are people to know that this book is special?

Now as I've said, in our day, we hadn't cheapened this word, "special." It meant something. It was, well, special! I don't mean it, therefore, in the trite way you have come to think of it.

Today Steve was driving on a dirt road--a tall, shapely young woman was walking on the side. Steve touched my locket, and made himself not look at her. He will never hold me, physically. That is a lot to ask of a man. This is not a "whim" or a "phase" for Steve, which you will find he has "outgrown" in a month or two, or, next year. This is his life-long promise and gift to me, his faithfulness. If he doesn't pass (one possible future has him passing earlier), he will grow old without having touched another woman in that way, and he will come to me.

Steve may be mad--but he is not trite.

Steve put the same fierce dedication into this book. You who dismiss it as trivial, are missing the boat. I know that there is the insuperable urge to pronounce it a folly. We did use the word "folly" to good effect in my era, and I know that this is what some people, encountering this book, will think of it. One associates to what one knows. If one knows of many instances where a person imagines he was famous in a past life, to boost his self-importance; or where someone has guessed at a past life, and pretends to research, being very sloppy about it; then one associates our book to these efforts, with which one is already familiar.

One also permits the examples which fit with one's world view, to register on the mind; the examples which do not so register, are not permitted to come to the mind at all, or else, they are shaped to fit the others. The square peg of the world fits into the round hole of our world view. Steve uses the phrase "world view" because he doesn't know what we used for that, in the 19th century. That's okay. He's translating--haven't you ever heard a person translating, say, English to Spanish, who, not knowing the proper Spanish word, just uses the English equivalent? or vice-versa. So Steve does this.

Steve is pausing--whatever he might say about his book, what do I want to say about it?

It is so personal. Steve has brought our life, our brief romance and marriage, alive again. He has also brought alive how Mathew pined for me, secretly, after I died, and how he dedicated so much of his creative efforts to me, without anyone being the wiser. He remembers in his heart--I remember it completely, of course. We will revisit it, like a movie, when he comes over here to join me.

And I see it being made into a movie on earth someday. A probable future.

What does it mean as proof? No-one will allow themselves to be convinced of anything they don't want to be convinced of. They will shut it out of their mind. What do you do? You let them, of course.

What does this book mean, personally? Steve has--he is having trouble getting my meaning. He knows how he would describe it. He has demonstrated how integral the past life is with the present life. They are intertwined. They are, in one sense, the same life. Just as Chapter II is part of the same book as Chapter I, so, too, a later lifetime is part of the same overall personal story as the earlier lifetime. The interconnection is so intimate, and so intricate! This is what Steve has shown, rather inadvertently. It is made possible because Steve knows his own depth psychology so well; knowing himself deeply, he automatically was able to know Mathew, his former incarnation, just as deeply. He instinctively knew Mathew before the history gradually revealed how right he was. This is remarkable. How can we convey it? You simply have to read the book--not holding it at arm's length with a grimace, as it were, but with eager receptivity. Then you will see it. Steve knew Mathew the way a man knows his wife of 60 years--and that, immediately, upon first delving into the history.

This is a hard thing to quantify in hard facts. For this, you have to immerse yourself in the book, and discover, for yourself, the depth of Steve's understanding of who Mathew was. Only Mathew, himself, would have been able to push aside the myth, and the misleading historical information, and ferret out the evidence that his view was the correct one. Only with my assistance, however, could he have obtained so many of these historical confirmations.

That is all I have to say about the book. I don't feel much like chatting, today. Steve can't quite get why. Oh (he says)--it's because I feel frustrated and annoyed for Steve--not for me--that he has put so much sincere effort into this project, only to find that so few people show an interest in it. I know that the reception for this work is simply delayed. It is a "delayed reaction." But I feel for Steve, since he doesn't have this perspective. All he knows, is that he creates something truly beautiful, something that has, perhaps, never quite been done this way, before, and when he presents it honestly to the public, they ignore it. Not that he would be alone in this. But it is a challenging experience. One has to fall back on one's own faith in oneself; and one's faith in one's partner in life. He knows that I have taken this seriously. It is not that my husband is working in the basement on his hobby, and as a dutiful wife, I pretend to praise him for it and help him, so that we can be together. He senses that I have thrown myself into it wholeheartedly, recognizing, along with him, its importance.

Steve saw an author interviewed about her book, who stated the truism that many difficulties in relationships (i.e., of all kinds), come in when the two people have a different sense of what is important. She made of it a universality; but as she spoke, Steve was thinking, "Actually, that's not true for me and Abby."

The cynic in him says, "Of course, since you have made Abby up, she would be completely compatible." Well, actually, we are not "carbon copies" of one another. I have slightly different taste in music, as he knows. I prefer dry wine, which I have since "educated" him into. Steve would, for example, put all the little odd scraps of egg onto his plate, so as not to waste them (he did that as Mathew, being raised poor); I would leave those in the pan (having been raised wealthy). He would put a ton of sugar in his tea--I suggest to him to limit it to a small teaspoon, so the tea can "speak for itself." Steve senses these things from me. But as Mathew and Abby, we had so much in common! We wanted to free the slaves, and help the downtrodden, and educate the ignorant. We both loved horses, and knew how to speak to them as individuals. We loved nature (and we loved making love in nature!). We didn't mind getting caught in the rain, at least, in a summer shower. But, I digress. We had our differences of opinion. I did wish he would show his feelings, more (a wish which has come true now, in Steve, in spades!). Now, sometimes, especially at first in our relationship, Steve would get maudlin, and I felt like telling him, "lighten up!". But, you see, he felt terrible about quite a number of things, and had to get them expressed, first. Now all that is water under the bridge.

But where it comes to our core values, we are "peas in a pod." And this is part of the twin-flame relationship. Twin flames may burn each other out for sheer intensity, if they have not learned to contain that incredible energy--but they are sympatico to the bone. This gives them tremendous power, which can then be channeled to serve humanity when they have reached a certain level of personal maturity.

Steve is getting tired, and feels that he cannot reliably channel my thoughts much longer. It takes tremendous concentration to do this. Can you look at all my entries, and see that they are not simply some work of fiction? I hope so.

I feel that the person I was worried about is better situated, now. Steve feels this from me, that the crisis is averted, or has passed, somehow. Never, never, never despair. Help is just around the corner; only, in our blackest times, our vision is narrowed and it seems as though the help will never come. This is a test. Rise to the occasion--take the test, and pass it!

Steve would end it there, but he feels there is something else I would say, here. About this book, "Mathew Franklin Whittier in his own words." Someday, this will be famous. Be ahead of your time, and see what's in it, now. We are not hawking an empty bottle. Have we ever urged upon you anything trite? You may feel that Steve is mistaken, but you must surely perceive the earnestness in his presentation.

If you are afraid, you should be. But one must not go through life paralyzed with fear, so that one never takes the adventurous step. Acknowledge the fear, step into the unknown, and find that growth which the soul (if not always the mind) craves, as its very food.

Love to each and all,

*In our "blind CD song-prompting game" which we sometimes play in the car, she was also repeatedly prompting me for "Magic Bus" by The Who, and while I liked the thought of being young and eagerly anticipating being with her, I couldn't figure out what she was getting at. Only after I found each half of her house about a mile away from its original location (and one of the halves about a mile from my family farm house in that life), did I remember the line, "Her house is only another mile."--SS