An Incarnation in
the 1960's Era

First I'd like to thank Stephen Sakellarios for allowing me to post my own experiences on his site. I've posted on a usenet reincarnation group once a couple of years ago, but now I have more news. First of all, have any of you heard the original instrumental "Summer Samba" by Walt Wanderley? Well I did, and it seemed eerily "familiar" if you get my drift, as if I'd heard it before (which I haven't). I heard that tune in a restaurant last week and the melody struck me as shiveringly familiar so I asked the waitress the name of the tune to which she replied "Summer Samba". A little internet searching led me to a download of the same version I'd heard and I'm interested in learning more about reincarnation and perhaps some dream-control techniques. The irritating thing is that I cannot control when these recurring dreams happen, but when they do I typically awake invigorated, with that "fresh new day" feeling, and in most cases just as if I'd just returned from an enjoyable vacation. At other times, I get a brief picture of some very young guy in a 60s era US jungle fatigue uniform lying down dead on his back, whose face is covered in blood; I get the feeling this guy is a good friend of mine. I feel sorrow and rage. Fortunately these "bad" dreams are very rare and I would prefer not to experience any more of those.

My my first "flashback" happened during my time as a US serviceman stationed in s.Korea from 95-96. It was there that I began to have a recurring dream about an old abandoned apartment -at least in the dreams the apartment was delapidated and abandoned but in my dream state something told me this is or was my "home."

Anyway, in the dream this apartment was a three-story affair that had a concrete decorative open-air "lattice" facade/lobby enclosing a typical garden-style apartment common in the late 1950s or early 60s-70s. To illustrate, imagine standing about 50 feet in front of the building and facing to it's front. There is a large facade or "wall" built of an ornamental type of "breeze block" which are just concrete blocks cast into an ornamental pattern leaving cutouts, so that sunlight and air can pass through them. Just past the lattice facade is a lobby which is nearly unprotected from the elements, and two spiral staircases leading to the upper floors, one staircase on either side upon entering past the facade. Beyond each spiral staircase at ground level was an opening which led to a courtyard and parking area in the rear. Also near each of the spiral staircases was a sort of tree, the leaves of which were made of a very thin metal, looking tarnished, and above each tree was a megaphone-shaped light fixture positioned so as to shine down onto each tree; obviously the lights weren't working. The actual apartments themselves, behind the facade, seemed to have been made from fir wood paneling or similar material, painted kelly green.

Now, in this dream I was there on-site, but no one lived in these apartments judging from the empty parking lot and unkept looks of things, and the entire place was pretty much in a state of disrepair and appeared to be suffering from long-standing neglect. Weeds and tall grass galore, plus the green paint on the apartments was chipping/peeling. In the dream, it was windy and raining, and of fall-like temperature, (my shoes and pantlegs felt wet and cold, as did my hands) and late afternoon with the wind blowing the rain through the two back doorless passageways that led to the courtyard in back of the building. Though I didn't have any indication of it, I got the feeling I was near a beach community, perhaps in Florida or California, probably Florida according to my intuition (I was stationed near Panama City FL years ago and I get the same "Florida vibe" from the dream).

Anyways, being that I was born in 1969, my previous death obviously had to have occurred sometime before that. I do know from research that the aforementioned song "Summer Samba" was released in the year 1966, thus between 1966 and 1969 is the span of time I'm concerned with regarding my "death". Though I spent time in the US military from 89-thru the 90s, I was never fond of war, violence, or guns,ect. I joined only because I needed a job and none of the workplaces in my area were hiring people without experience so I had to take the only employment opportunity available to me at that time (the "poverty draft" in other words). I chose the Air Force branch because it offered me a career field that didn't involve primarily using weapons although during my tour in Korea I had to pull a lot of security duty during exercises.

As I've mentioned before, I was born with a rather sizeable and prominent birthmark on my face which resembles a burn scar. All my life since I was old enough to walk I have been phobic about fires and of anything that might potentially cause a fire, especially in the kitchen -to this day I can't remain in the house if someone else is cooking anything, so I make myself scarce for an hour or two.

I get the feeling I may have been a US serviceman who served in Vietnam (prob. Army), but I have a gut feeling that if this were so, that I may have made it back to the US alive, in fact I most likely did, and settled down into an apartment. I have a special affinity for "mod" or "1960s" decor. To illustrate this, think of bright orange or other bright colors in narrow long triangular geometric configurations (several in a continuous row, even) and of diamond patterns as well as paisley.

I have reason to believe, due to my phobias, that I died as a victim of fire sometime between 1966 and 1969. During my dreams I seem to have a faint recollection of the feeling of being married although there is no evidence in these dreams to back this up, although after hearing the song "Summer Samba" for the first time recently, I pick up images of dining with a spouse or fiancee in a rather nice restaurant, plus, I alternatively get pictures of having friends over at my apartment-the scene looked like a fondue party of some sort, with everyone in semi-formal evening attire. I've never seen myself in a mirror in the dreams, but my hair didn't feel very long, and I did feel sideburns on my face that went way below my ears. I remember very, very minimal human interaction on my part with others, in the dreams. I've dreamt of a car that's mine, and from looking at pictures of cars of the late 60's, the closest match I've been able to come up with is a Dodge Charger. I'm not a big fan of old cars, so I could be wrong about the make and model. On the driver's side beside the trunk the gas cap was mounted upright instead of on the side like most cars.


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